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Big Bad Dog

Big Bad Dog are a rock band who wanted an identity that reflected their music. Rock with a bite! So, aggressive, a bit retro, with one foot in the 70s and the other in the here and now. The first thing they wanted was a logo that was instantly memorable and easy to produce. The other was a poster that could be used for gigs and could be updated to develop their identity and brand loyalty. From that social media graphics were to be developed. From the brief a logo was firstly created that was instantly recognisable as a dog, an English Bull Terrier in fact, that is renowned for having aggressive tendancies and being a bit bad. Secondly it is made up of the bands name Big Bad Dog. The band quickly had a gig and wanted a poster to promote themselves so the English Bull Terrier was again used as the focal point eating the guitar surrounded in flames. The logo has been used for all the gigs changing the colour for each one so we were able to strengthen the identity to be instantly recognisable as the band did more and more gigs. Other material has been developed using these graphics for the social media and...