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Travel – China

I visited China August 2019 it has taken me a while to finally edit the images on the website. I used a Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and a lens that I bought for the trip a 16-55mm short telephoto, it saved changing lenses and is another level up from my other Fuji lenses. My visit was primarily to see my son who is at University in Suzhou. He was determined I saw as much of China as possible in the time we had there, which to be fair is not a lot as the place is vast. We did see Shanghai with plenty of tourist attractions including the Bund where you get the magnificent view over the man-made water to the famous Oriental Pearl tower and the finance district. As we were walking past the Apple Store, Rolex and all the other high end retail shops we turned down an alley where we saw a guy having a shower in the middle of the street. I think this is where capitalism sits next to communism. We moved on to Suzhou and visited the canals. Suzhou by the way is known as the Venice of China the guys punting the boats were characters and were always up for their picture taken. We also visited the university campus which is vast and has a very high student population. One evening we went to a street where street vendors drive in on their three-wheeler bikes and set up to sell street food, which was...