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The Great Wall
/Posted by: root
The trip to the great wall was a couple of hours by coach and a short ride in a lift. The day again was a bit overcast but the sun broke through a few...
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The first day was a bit miserable in Beijing overcast and slightly raining but it was from here where we visited temples and had a day trip up the great China wall. The City...
Beijing - Forbidden City
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The forbidden city was very popular and I got split up from my travelling companion by the mass of people trying to get in. I also got hit in the face a number of...
Beijing - Temple of Heaven
/Posted by: root
The Temple of Heaven is south of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. The main building which is a dramatic circular building set on the top of stone steps is called the Hall of...
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Suzhou is sometimes referred to as the Venice of China, however it is much more than that it has a lot of industry there and is a beautiful City it sits next to Lake...
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My first visit to China started in Shanghai, where I was met by my son; who can thankfully speak Chinese. I was impressed by how friendly and hospitable everyone was, which was evident when...